Future Offsite Construction Summit

Inefficiency and poor quality have become too commonplace in the construction industry. Over the last 25 years, an estimated 98% of megaprojects have been over budget by 30%, and 77% have overrun their schedule by 40%. Off-site construction, including prefab and modular,  is offering a disruptive solution to the stagnant status quo of the industry by bringing together stakeholders early, and by facilitating design for efficiency, high product quality, and on-time delivery. This cross industry event will convene designers, architects, construction professionals, contractors, and owners to highlight the challenges and opportunities of the build of the Future. 

Focus of the event:

  • Overcoming inefficiencies of construction project life cycles, and ensuring product quality and sustainability 
  • Bringing together stakeholders early, and through effective tools to improve collaboration
  • Discovering new lean, offsite and modern methodologies, and cutting edge technologies, including AI and machine learning, to manage construction projects  

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Top Benefits of Attending


Bringing together Design, Architecture, and Construction 

Discover the opportunity of offsite, modern, and lean methodologies to improve project delivery, product quality, lead time, and cut costs. 

Lunch & Learns

Interactive Sessions & Experiences for Upskilling your Workforce

Collaborate effectively with stakeholders across your project life cycle, upskill your workforce to ready yourself for the Future of Construction 

Annual Cocktail Reception

Learning Journeys to upgrade your Systems and Processes

Get hands-on training through Workshops and Learning Journeys to transform your organization for efficient collaboration, lean project delivery, and improved product quality

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